The International Parenting & Health Institute™ (IPHI) is a global nonprofit professional holistic health coaching and parent support organization, currently represented in 59 countries, founded in 2009 by Mar De Carlo. IPHI is the first organization to pioneer a variety of innovative and premium quality Holistic Adult Sleep, Pregnancy & Child sleep, Baby Planner, Pre-Postnatal Nutrition and Eco-Consulting Coaching Certification programs with comprehensive Business Support.

We are at the leading-edge of parenting and health education, pioneering the inclusion and integration of a diverse number of vital programs and topics that were previously overlooked by mainstream pregnancy, parent and health professionals.


We are on a global mission to positively transform lives and evolve humanity through holistic education and expressive arts.

We do this through holistic career training, performance, film, plays, pregnancy and parenting workshops, products and services utilizing our unique educational approach designed to support and empower parents and the professionals who work with them. Our holistic educational continuum is designed assist and deliver effective long-term results.

This includes research, development, community advice and advocacy. We also provide scholarships, motivational speaking, performance art (skits, plays, short films), info sessions and support groups in order to build awareness, provide education and resources.

At the International  Parenting and Health Institute™,  if you are seeking a professional parenting or health coach career, you’ll receive holistic education, support and business training through our online courses that will allow you to start a successful coaching or consulting business as a baby planner, eco-consultant, adult sleep coach, pregnancy and child sleep consultant, pre-postnatal nutrition coach, breastfeeding educator, health and lifestyle coach, and much more. We guide you step-by-step to develop a practice or to apply your training to further your current career journey. Our online learning format allows for our participants to easily connect and learn globally from the comfort of their home.

If you are seeking support and education to help you or your loved ones overcome any health or parenting challenges, we provide a variety of classes and support groups.

We also aim to directly help struggling parents who are seeking support at any stage of their parenting journey, to overcome a variety of health and lifestyle challenges they face, with premium quality online educational classes and support groups.

In our efforts to be as accessible as possible to those in need, our parenting class-based programs and support groups will be free of charge for pregnant teens, domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors and donation based for the underserved community.

To help us achieve this goal, we reach out to leaders in the pregnancy, parenting and health industries by asking them to work with us in an advisory capacity to help us improve, grow and support our community of professionals and parents.


Parents are the most valuable resource in their children’s world. This means that no matter what one’s child is struggling with, the way parents react and respond to them will play a large role in helping them work through their issues. At the same time, in order for parents to provide their children with the best support, parents themselves need help to navigate a number of challenges that may arise for them like stress, sleep deprivation, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, weight gain, time management, financial strain etc. Parents often battle with themselves trying to do what is best for their children, while navigating through a variety of conflicting information and struggling to manage their own issues, hence the need for our intervention. This includes teaching parents about the connection between their children’s behavior and their parental behaviors while helping them to improve their overall wellbeing, so they can create a more effective and positive interaction with their child, which will not only improve their relationship, but will also improve the functioning of the child and the family as a whole. This is what led Mar De Carlo, a once struggling Hispanic single mom with an extensive background in health, parenting and business to form the International Parenting & Health Institute.

Our founder and president, Mar De Carlo is the founder of:

  • International Parenting & Health Institute
  • Association of Professional Sleep Consultants
  • International Academy of Baby Planner Professionals
  • Business Sanctuary
  • Physical Awakening – Registered Prenatal Yoga School with Yoga Alliance

She has a wealth of training and experience, over 25 years, and is known for her innovative curriculum development and creative, cutting edge and integrative approach connecting and bridging systems in a variety of industries across the globe that have transformed thousands of lives in 59 countries in 10 languages with high quality evidenced based holistic curriculums since 2009

She is a 48-year-old Hispanic professional who was born and raised by her Hispanic immigrant family who was low-income living in NYC. Growing up, she lived in a one-bedroom apartment with her mom, dad, brother and sister and began working from a very young age. Education became her opportunity to achieve what her parents could not along with hard work. She worked three jobs during college to make ends meet and she is also a survivor of sexual abuse and domestic violence. She became unexpectedly pregnant in an unmarried relationship and experienced being a single mother. She is very passionate about providing education and resources in whatever capacity possible to support others especially in underserved communities who are experiencing similar struggles to what she underwent. Mar is living proof of the power and impact of education to positively transform and empower lives. She is International Parenting & Health Institute’s primary spokesperson. As the organization grows, we will add more speakers to our roster. Our board will be responsible for selecting the scholarship recipients.

International Parenting & Health Institute will leverage its founder, Mar De Carlo’s knowledge and experience, along with her board of directors, advisory board, faculty and research and development team, to provide excellent and result-guaranteed online education and support through a learning format which allows participants from all over the world to achieve their professional goals, overcome health and parenting challenges and experience positive transformative results through our online school and curriculum.


Parent and Health Coach Professionals trained and certified by the International Parenting & Health Institute through our Baby Planning, Adult Sleep Coaching, Pregnancy & Child Sleep Coaching, Pre-Postnatal Nutrition, Childbirth Education, Stress Management Coaching and Breastfeeding Education certification programs are non-medical coaching professionals that provide evidenced-based practical and realistic customized solutions to a very high demand of struggling parents and non-parents seeking help to overcome various health and lifestyle challenges. The International Parenting & Health Institute trains and equips their Parent and Health Coaches with comprehensive evidenced based education (that includes both theory and practice) to empower and provide solutions for their clients most optimally.

Our coaches learn how to be in a collaborative relationship with their clients in order to provide their clients an opportunity to learn about themselves, increase their self-worth and control the decision-making process. Doing so motivates clients to carry out actions that are of interest and value to them leading to behavioral change that initiated from self-autonomy and not from dependency on their coach.

Our training involves both theory and practice and at least a minimum of one hundred twenty five hours of education, including being mentored through case studies and working with volunteers. Our coaches are also required to maintain their education by renewing their credentials usually every two years with proof of continued education and do not diagnose, examine or treat their clients.

In addition, all of our programs ensure our professionals learn:

  • signs and symptoms of medical conditions to know when and how to refer out
  • active listening
  • how to meet clients where they are at
  • powerful questioning, such as motivational interviewing and question customization
  • how to track progress and accountability
  • practical and realistic planning and goal setting
  • how to establish a coaching presence
  • how to categorize and prioritize short term and long-term goals
  • how to performing a thorough investigation and evaluation through our “Holistic Science of Coaching Method”
  • how to uncover the root cause of their client’s challenge
  • the connection between coaching and personal development

Furthermore, our trained and certified Parent and Health coaches learn how to establish a collaborative relationship with doctors and therapists in order to help them manage their patients’ health and lifestyle choices. They follow the International Parenting and Health Institute’s Holistic Science of Coaching Method to thoroughly evaluate and explore various factors that impact their client’s health and lifestyle choices that doctors and therapists may have overlooked.

This allows our Parent and Health Coaches to provide insight, feedback, suggestions, and tools for the parent and non-parent with personalized action steps they can begin implementing right away.


We will be at the forefront of enhancing the lives of those who utilize our services, paying particular attention to the quality and care to each of our programs and classes, to which our participants are subscribed. We will treat every participant and community member with the utmost respect, invite diversity and we will never look down on anyone as it is the foundation upon which a business like ours is built.

We will make sure that evaluations and surveys are always carried out to know how we can improve our business as well as the quality of each of our coaching programs and services. Our sources of revenue will be complemented with the provision of the best strategies with which our services could be carried out without necessarily expending our budget.

Although we will be offering a variety of free programs, resources and support groups, fees will be charged for membership subscriptions, professional programs, classes consultations, speaking engagements and merchandise. Participants who are survivors of domestic violence and child abuse as well as pregnant teens and anyone in an underserved community who lack financial support, do not pay any fees.

We are quite optimistic that our values and the quality of our service will help us drive International Parenting & Health Institute to enviable heights, helping us attract a successful, talented and supportive community in order to continue growing and expanding our mission and outreach. We will be dedicated to establishing and maintaining impeccable professional relationships with our community, providing them outstanding support, education and reasons to continue working with us. We will also leverage our research and development team to continue producing high quality education while delivering impeccable support.

These activities augment our efforts to optimally educate and support parenting and health professionals in order to improve the overall wellbeing of struggling parents and non-parents, so they can live a healthier, productive, peaceful and fulfilled life while creating more effective and positive interactions with others. As a result, it helps to prevent domestic violence, child abuse, mental disorders and minimize the health and lifestyle challenges that can arise from the modern-day struggles and stresses parents and non-parents face. In addition, we will role model, teach and encourage positive outlooks and empathy to inspire everyone to learn, grow and expand. We will also nourish and promote an unbiased educational space that supports inclusion and diversity; teaching respect, understanding and acceptance.



We are proud to be known as the first organization to:

  • Introduce the first Baby Planner certification program in 2009 to the Baby Planner professional industry and authored the first baby planning book to the Baby Planner industry titled “The Baby Planner: A Guide to Becoming a Baby Planner and Starting Your Own Business.”
  • Introduce the first Holistic Pregnancy & Child Sleep Consultant Certification in 2012 to the Child Sleep Consultant industry and Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification in 2015, training professionals and raising an incredible amount of awareness to vital subjects that, at the time, were not being considered or evaluated as part of the child sleep consultant-client relationship. This led us to introduce our  Holistic Science of Sleep Method for Adult & Child Sleep.
  • Introduce and launch an Eco-Maternity Consultant & Greenbirth Educator certification program in 2010, expanding coaching professionals knowledge and skillset for non-toxic living.
  • Introduce and launch an integrative Pre-Post Natal Nutrition Coach Certification program in 2013, expanding coaching professionals holistic nutrition knowledge and skillset for working with clients throughout pregnancy and postpartum.
  • Introduce and launch the first Holistic Childbirth Educator program in 2014, covering all the topics found in childbirth education in addition to introducing and raising awareness a variety of vital topics not typically found in childbirth education such as the importance of greening your pregnancy, birth and postpartum environment in order to understand environmental causes and effects beneficial to optimizing mom and baby’s health; pregnancy sleep and newborn sleep, postpartum plan and much more.

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