An Adult Sleep Coach Certification Program Designed to Successfully Support Medical and Therapy Practices

An Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification trains professionals to uncover root causes and provide solutions to support medical and therapy practices.

Holistic Sleep Coach CertificationOJAI, CA, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2022 / — The study of sleep health, while an emerging field, has managed to elude many as there is both limited training in the healthcare field and lack of support to help individuals find the root cause of their sleep challenges. Many programs on the market try to generalize sleep solutions by collecting data that can often be misleading and does not provide the individualized support needed to address this growing concern that is so deeply connected to preventing, managing and maintaining long term health.

According to a Behavioral Sleep Medicine study in 2020, “Sleep Education and Training among Practicing Clinical Psychologists in the United States and Canada” by Eric S. Zhou, Marcella Mazzenga, Monica L. Gordillo, Lisa J. Meltzer & Kristin A. Long:

Results from their survey of 200 clinical psychologists across the United States and Canada reveal that the majority have received minimal (if any) formal didactic or clinical sleep training. These findings can be contextualized against a survey of the directors of clinical psychology graduate programs and internships across the United States over a decade ago (Meltzer et al., 2009), where only 6% of programs reported having a specific course focused on sleep.

According to numerous studies around the world: including the US, Canada, UK, Singapore and Saudi Arabia, sleep education in medical school is little to none ranging anywhere from two to six hours total. And while many medical schools have committed to changing this, sleep education continues to be insufficient.

This is where the support of health coaches who specialize in sleep, like the ones trained holistically at the International Parenting & Health Institute, come in.

According to Troy Parks, news writer for the American Medical Association, “Engaging patients in behavior changes can improve their overall health and reduce the amount of medical care they need, but it’s often difficult for physicians to find the extra time to collaborate and plan these types of strategies. Trained health coaches can take on a lot of these responsibilities to advance lifestyle changes, prevention and patient health. Having a health coach involved in a patient’s care can not only increase patient satisfaction and engagement but also reduce physician stress and burnout by freeing up time. A health coach can bring an extra boost to your practice’s methods for both prevention and treatment.”

Mar De Carlo, author of “Awakening Through Sleep” and founder of the International Parenting & Health Institute and Association of Professional Sleep Consultants says, “It is not uncommon to work with clients who after seeing their doctor or therapist for help with sleep challenges, still continue to experience them. This is primarily because there are many health and lifestyle factors that are not thoroughly being investigated or addressed. Most doctors and therapists, unless educated holistically, are trained to treat the symptoms and not the cause. In addition, many doctors and therapists do not have time to spend going into such depth with their clients to support sleep education, prevention, health behaviors and lifestyle management. This is one of the many reasons, I felt compelled and driven to develop my Holistic Science of Sleep Method and Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification program.”

Mar, who has over 25 years of experience and training, is the first in 2015 to pioneer a holistic integrative professional training program for adult sleep that covers valuable topics you will not find in your average sleep studies. Her program provides graduates the coaching skills and tools necessary to thoroughly evaluate the most significant factors interfering with the body’s natural rhythms, that leads to uncovering root causes, while inspiring health and lifestyle choices driving the science of sleep into action.

“There are so many forces that affect sleep and in order to get the root of the challenge we must first investigate the strongest forces that affect sleep in order to first rule those ’causes’ out. Anyone who is answering health or sleep questions while knowing little to nothing about their client’s sleep hygiene, health history, lifestyle, lab work to investigate potential deficiencies, intolerances and imbalances; diet, emotional well-being, beliefs, support systems and all the rest of it, is just throwing darts at best, hoping to knock out the main ‘problem’. Rarely is there just one main ‘problem’ or factor, and more often than not there are many forces acting upon a person preventing them from getting good sleep. My Holistic Science of Sleep Method provides the framework and understanding that support clients and professionals in addressing the many forces creating a sleep challenge.” says Mar.

THe Holistic Science of Sleep Method™ is designed to investigate and address imbalances in optimal human function (physical, mental, emotional) and external forces (social, cultural, environmental) that inhibit sleep and may lead to adult and child sleep challenges effectively supporting and complimenting the practice of medical practitioners and therapists.

The instructor co-leading the global training in the United States for the Integrative Adult Sleep Coach Certification Program alongside founder, Mar De Carlo is Sleep Health Educator and owner of START WITH SLEEP, Soda Kuczkowski. She brings 14 years of experience working in the field of clinical and behavioral sleep medicine education to help professionals understand the need for screening for sleep disorders and the insight into the impact environmental and lifestyle factors can have in creating them. Soda also brings 22 years of industry experience in education, business development and marketing to help mentor and grow this emerging field of health.

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