A Latina International Mompreneur Raises Professional Standards for Child Sleep Consultants

Minimal sleep support, education and prevention exists during pregnancy which impacts child sleep. Mar De Carlo is on a mission to change that.

Pregnancy is a perfect time to address, prepare and establish healthy sleep habits for mom and baby to continue long after baby arrives”— Mar De Carlo

OJAI, CA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Typically child sleep consultants are known to work with parents during postpartum to provide “sleep training”, tools, resources, and education in order to get their child to sleep. Sleep Training is most commonly introduced when an infant reaches four months of age or shortly thereafter. Occasionally families begin introducing sleep training earlier on, however very little sleep support, education or prevention exists anywhere to support families during pregnancy and the newborn stages.

According to a poll by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), 78 percent of women reported more disturbed sleep during pregnancy than at other times. Sleep is critical for a pregnant woman and her baby. From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, her body is undergoing many physiologic and biochemical changes. As a result, the potential for sleep disturbances increases. Nausea, nighttime waking, bladder pressure, and fatigue issues are very common. Sleep deprivation can lead to complications such as preterm labor, extended labor, as well as other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, snoring, restless leg syndrome, and insomnia. Sleep disorders developed during pregnancy can also lead to sleep disorders in the child.

According to a study by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Maternal depressive mood during the prenatal and postnatal periods is related to child sleep disturbances, according to recent pilot data from a longitudinal cohort study in kindergarten children. “The most surprising thing about our results was the mediation role of child behavior in the maternal emotion-children’s sleep quality relationship, this demonstrates that emotion during pregnancy affects child behavior which further affects child’s sleep, said principal investigator and lead author Jianghong Liu, PhD, RN, FAAN, an associate professor at the Schools of Nursing and Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. “Furthermore, we found that happiness increased across the trimesters and that happiness during the second and third trimester was protective against child sleep problems.”

Enter Mar De Carlo, a mother of two, author of “Awakening Through Sleep”, founder of the International Parenting & Health Institute and Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, who developed the Holistic Science of Sleep Method, a non-sleep training, team based approach and is on a mission to inspire and educate sleep professionals who typically provide families sleep support for infants beginning at four months of age and above, to begin offering sleep education, coaching, and support during pregnancy. Mar launched the first Holistic Pregnancy and Child Sleep Consultant Certification program for professionals in 2012 through her company, International Parenting & Health Institute which is currently represented in 59 countries around the world and growing.

“Planning, preparation, and education during pregnancy are essential to supporting a family’s sleep needs and goals. A sleep consultant can play such a viable and empowering role when working with families before the baby is born. It’s time we take preventative measures to address sleep challenges early on during pregnancy rather than waiting for extremely sleep deprived and exhausted families to seek the aid of a sleep consultant postpartum at four months, six months, or longer. Pregnancy is a perfect time to address, prepare and establish healthy sleep habits for mom and baby to continue long after baby arrives. When mom is well rested, she is also more physically and mentally prepared for labor greatly diminishing the risk of any complications during and after labor. Some studies have correlated the amount of sleep during late pregnancy with labor duration and type. Excessive stress hormones can also affect the labor process, delaying or extending labor and sleep helps to balance stress hormones. When addressing sleep challenges early on during pregnancy, we take preventative measures, rather than waiting for extremely sleep deprived and exhausted families to seek the aid of a sleep consultant postpartum at four months, six months, or longer. When mom is rested and feels better about herself, her body and mind function more optimally. As a result, she provides many benefits to her baby’s function and natural rhythms. It is also likely to strengthen the bond between her and her baby during her pregnancy, as she will be less stressed and more connected to her baby, while preparing emotionally and physically for a more optimal delivery.”, says Mar.

Mar goes on to say, “By supporting a pregnant woman (and her partner or whoever is involved) to face sleep challenges, the family has an opportunity to evaluate their quality of life and the choices they are making. The chances are that the family is set up for more effective collaboration and understanding on this issue, which will unquestionably prepare and help once the baby has arrived. There are several ways that pregnant women and their families can prepare during this stage. Much of it will be through education, strengthening consciousness, instilling a holistic mindset, and supporting them with health and lifestyle changes where sleep becomes a value and priority for the whole family. It’s also a great opportunity to assess expectations, beliefs, commitment levels, the state of their consciousness, overall well-being, self-confidence, intuitive abilities, knowledge and support systems. Not only will family members be more receptive to these changes before the birth, but they won’t have to learn during crisis mode – when their baby is having difficulty sleeping – keeping the household awake, too.”

Lastly, Mar shares that most often times professionals and parents do not associate that poor sleep habits developed prior to their baby’s arrival could also be contributing to their child’s sleep challenges after birth. This is another reason why Mar feels child sleep consultants have a tremendous opportunity to work during pregnancy. “It’s about sleep education and prevention. We have so much childbirth education available to families in preparation for birth, but we have little to no preparation on sleep education prior to a baby’s arrival. Mar is on a non-stop continuous mission to change that.”

To learn more about Mar’s holistic approach to resolving pregnancy, adult and child sleep challenges, purchase her book: “Awakening Through Sleep” available on Amazon or visit http://www.parentinghealthinstitute.com

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